Sabela Barreiro


Architecture only makes sense and value when it is inhabited and its users interact with it.

We have the opportunity to offer a new direction in the modern development of the spaces that we create, in a sensitive and controlled way, and related to the concept of flexibility and sustainability, favoring the meeting and social cohesion ... A support defined only halfway , waiting for the user to adapt it to their needs. Thus each individual becomes co-creator of the space and therefore, responsible for it.

Sabela studeerde in 2018 af als architect aan de Universiteit van A Coruña (ETSAC). Meteen na haar afstuderen is ze bij enkele Deense architectenbureaus gaan werken, voornamelijk aan duurzame masterplannen, culturele centra en publieke gebouwen. Sociale woningbouw interesseert Sabela het meest en dan met name het gemeenschapsgevoel in gebouwen.