Carina Nørregaard

Architect + Partner

"Only when a building feels familiar does it truly become livable."

Our physical environment has a significant impact on us as individuals, influencing not only our well-being but also our health, performance, and overall development. A building becomes genuinely livable only when it feels personal and familiar. The key to achieving this lies in collaboration. By listening attentively and asking numerous questions, we seek to uncover what makes each project unique.

“First life, then spaces, then buildings — the other way around never works." This well-known quote is from the Danish architect and urban designer Jan Gehl. He inspired Carina during her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. As an architect, she applies this principle to all her designs. Going even further, as an environmental psychologist, Carina uses her knowledge to optimize the match between environment and user. Since 2021, Carina has been one of the partners at LIAG.