brandweer kazerne met een hoge glazen wand met daarop een zwevend bouwcluster met ronde ramen

Recognizable identity

Security office Laak

The Laak security agency is part of the redevelopment of the Laakhaven area. This multifunctional building is one of the first buildings in the Petroleumhaven area, which is being redeveloped as a new residential and working area.

Photography: Ben Vulkers, Wouter Buijs

: Brandweerkazerne en ambulancepost

Gemeente Den Haag

Den Haag

It has been decided to build as compact as possible to create short and efficient walking routes. A good example is shown in the fire brigade depot, which has been designed in such a way that it can be reached within 15 meters from all rooms. The building also has space for a number of staff services and office functions of the Hague corps. There are 15 bedrooms and a spacious living room with kitchen. To keep the condition up to scratch, there is room on the rooftop for sports with a full basketball court in a sports cage.

The colored façade surfaces run from fire brigade red to ambulance yellow and have a silver-shiny band. This gives the building a clear and recognizable identity. The portholes in the sleeping and living areas offer a view of the fire department's work area. The building accommodates eight fire trucks and 18 ambulances.

“LIAG has made it possible to discuss things with the various users. That works only if an architect has a feeling for what needs to be built and what kind of activities will take place with what kind of people. More has been set aside for the task-setting budget than requested. I think that is a huge advantage! ”
Rob Brons, client

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