Improving the visibility

Entrance area Wilhelminatoren

The Wilhelmina Tower is prominently located on the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Due to its location and architecture, the tower defines the area. The main entrance, next to the metro entrance, is in a very hidden position and it’s outdated. The current reception desk and coffee corner are staffed by one person, the furniture and acoustics do not offer the comfort needed by its tenants and visitors. It’s high time for an upgrade! We made a proposal with circularity as the starting point. A friendly and inviting entrance, where you immediately feel welcome.

Meeting and waiting area with reception, coffee bar and flexible working area

Principal Real Estate B.V.


We started out by ensuring more cohesion between the different parts of the area. The new finish has light natural materials, so that the entrance becomes a pleasant living space. We placed the reception desk directly opposite to the entrance, clearly visible. The bar adjacent to the desk comes around the core. The lounge area now can be used perfectly as a meeting space, it’s also suitable for larger groups. The recycled wooden furniture and the new wooden walls that continue up to the ceiling around the core ensure continuity, making the routing and zoning of the functions clear to all visitors. The bottom two floors together form one space to meet, discuss or work in silence.

We have also improved the visibility and attractiveness from the outside, including the space on the first floor. We use the zone along the glass facade for seating areas. Work stations and large coffee tables and a series of flexible workplaces provide more liveliness. Passer-bys from the outside, get an idea of what is happening inside. Also a generous amount of greenery has been added to create a pleasant indoor climate.

As a result, the entrance now is representative and offers opportunities for an informal conversation and a nice place to meet. Concentrated work is also possible, of course. Visitors can easily find their way and you can start your working day with a good cup of coffee.

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