gevel sportaccomodatie Rijerpark bij avond met op de gevel sportende mense afgebeeld samen met de tekst ''De Wissel'' in Ridderkerk

a small "power plant"

Sports facility De Wissel

LIAG designed and realized the Sportaccommodation De Wissel in Ridderkerk together with contractor P. Van Leeuwen. The accommodation consists of a multifunctional sports hall for the municipality of Ridderkerk and a club accommodation for KCR, the Korfbal combination Ridderkerk. The sports hall also facilitates various educational and sports associations.

Photography: Ton de Bruin

multifunctional sports accommodation

Municipality of Ridderkerk


grijze gevel met sportende mensen erop afgebeeld. Plein met boom en bank van sportaccomodatie Rijerpark

The sports accommodation has an efficient and timeless character. Functionality in use, future-proofing and sustainability are important themes in the design. The accommodation has a dynamic use by schools and associations and hosts both target groups.

The sports facility functions as a small "energy center". The complex without natural gas is self-sufficient and equipped with various energy technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps and automated air handling units. The sports hall is heated by underfloor heating. To avoid unnecessary ventilation, a CO2 control is used. LED lighting in combination with presence detection contribute to limiting energy consumption. Attention has also been paid to the use of sustainable materials. For example, the new bar from KCR, but also the grandstand and wall coverings are made of bamboo plating.

The sports hall consists of a sports floor of 26 x 44 m in accordance with NOC * NSF requirements. This floor can be divided into three equal parts that can be used simultaneously. The sports hall also consists of changing rooms, bleachers, storage rooms, multifunctional space and workspaces. The Club accommodation for KCR consists of a meeting room, a kitchen with accompanying storage and a meeting room.

Aannemersbedrijf P. van Leeuwen

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