gekleurde gevel met grote ramen van Rivers International School in Arnhem met daarvoor twee pratende meisjes in traditionele kleding

Protective on the one hand and open on the other

Rivers International School Arnhem

The Rivers International School Arnhem offers care and education for children from 2 to 18 years old. The building houses a primary school, a secondary school and a nursery. The new building has been realized at a prominent location in the Arnhem growth district Schuytgraaf.

Photography: Ben Vulkers

Onderwijsgebouw basisschool, middelbare school, kinderopvang, sport en parkeren

Stichting Quadraam


Community building

Many foreign students from both primary school (part of school board De Basis) and secondary school (part of the Lorentz Lyceum of Quadraam) are building a "warm and welcoming community both global and local" here. A pre-school (SKAR) is also included in the school building. The school also functions as a meeting place for the families (expats) of the school-going children.

The Rivers International School Arnhem has one connecting element and that is the blue route that connects the sports space to the top floor. This blue staircase symbolizes the course of a river. At the central area are all common areas such as the 'Community' space (especially for parents), library and the various open learning areas, each with its own identity, but clearly part of the whole.

We have created a building that is protective on the one hand and open on the other so that the children at their age levels have a view of the world around them and each other.
architect Carina Nørregaard

By placing the parking in the basement, more space is created on the site for playgrounds and school squares. Optimal solar access to the schoolyard has been achieved by 'cutting off' the building on one side at an angle. The roofs are also used for schoolyard and outdoor activities. In this way, the entire building is also activated on the outside. Squares on different levels also provide a differentiation in outdoor areas and also play areas that are more sheltered (on the roof of the parking garage). The design of the building has already taken into account a possible extension in the future. The Rivers International School Arnhem has a ‘Class B’ label of ‘Fresh Schools’.

The arrival of Rivers International School Arnhem is an important step: not only for the pupils and employees of the school, but also for strengthening the international business climate in Gelderland.

Every teacher is proud of the light and the view you have everywhere. The architect has translated our vision well; we have focused on the educational process; he has translated our images into a sea of light.
School director Jochen Katzer

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