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Rijn IJssel

Transparency is the first word that you think of when you see the new Rijn IJssel building. You can easily see what is going on and how the building has been ‘assembled’ from outside. The building is given a powerful and marked image because of the charming verges of the top floors, line pattern of the floor edges and large glass areas.

Photography: Iemke Ruige, Ben Vulkers

Educational building for ROC courses Administration & Entrepreneurship, Order & Safety and Personal Care, with parking garage

Bestuur Rijn IJssel


A good educational environment contributes towards high education quality. The modern competence-focused learning process takes place in a practical environment to a large extent. It is, therefore, important that students can also interact with their school friends and that they feel at home in this community and that they are proud of it in addition to visiting a school building to gain the necessary knowledge and basic skills. The modern Regional Training Centre building is also a home, a club house in the widest sense, for students as well as being an educational building. The objective of the new building was not just the improvement of what was on offer educationally but also to achieve a better profile. A building that can be used as a calling card for the school and fits in with the strategy in which the partnership with companies is given the highest priority. The school must be a familiar environment for participants but must also have an open relationship with the environment.

The public spaces have been set up on a large scale. Reception, the front desk, the display cabinets and the ‘administration’ for the learning landscape can be found on the ground floor. The lounge can also be found here where participants take breaks. Learning landscapes can be found on the second and third floors including communal meeting places for participants and teachers as well as the practical rooms. There is a canteen with a wide panoramic view of the neighbourhood on the fourth floor to name but one facility.

The red carpet from the original educational vision has been used as the organising element for the whole of the building from the developed draft: long and wide stairs and terraces run crosswise through the floors. Niches have been created on the stairs, which are half closed but continue to be transparent. All learning landscapes can be reached through the stairs, which again emphasise the transparent nature of the building.

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