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Because of the floating classrooms in the central atrium, transparency and the eye-catching colour and material use, it distinguishes itself in all respects from a traditional school. This building can justifiably be called: a dynamic learning environment.

Photography: Iemke Ruige

Multifunctional educational building for VMBO and Agora education

Stichting Onderwijs Midden-Limburg


The user is given the highest priority in the design. This is expressed in the organisation of the building around a central open space that contains the home bases and the open learning centre. Students gain knowledge independently and based on projects here and are in direct contact with the workplaces on the ground floor and the two floors with the other learning areas because of the large internal transparency. The home bases are lying and hanging in the central space. Safe and recognisable home bases where students who are following the same field of study meet each other in a lounge environment before the school day starts or to relax in-between classes.

The school building is specifically meant for the last four years in the Technology and Economy sectors. This includes the construction, metal, electrical engineering, graphic design, business and sales fields. Niekée is not a traditional school but a facilities education and activity centre for the Roermond Group of Schools, other schools, all types of social organisations and trade and industry.

"It is important in a creative process that you do not allow yourself to be limited by preconditions, that will come later."
Willem-Jan Adriaanssen, project manager Hevo

The facade of the building consists of load-bearing concrete elements that have been provided with coloured metal cladding on the outside using all 27 standard colours that can be supplied. The building has been built in such a way that the maximum transparency is achieved and that interactive relationships and learning from each other are promoted. The connection of the immediate outdoor space to the surrounding landscape has led to an extensive correlation between the environment and building whilst retaining existing trees.

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