a magnet for the neighborhood

MVC Transvaal

The MVC Transvaal is meant to be an icon for the Transvaal district. An engine for new economic activities both inside the building and in the area at large. New jobs in crafts and manufacturing industry, (health)care, catering and hospitality service, hotel, food, fashion, home maintenance, the indoor playground and other leisure activities. New opportunities for entrepreneurs with innovative power.

Multicultural leisure center


The Hague

Schets van interieur van het Multicultureel Vrijetijds Centrum in Transvaal Den Haag met een grote glazen gevel, houten trap, repeterend patroon op de muur, zitplaatsen, skateboarders en lopende kinderen met ouders

An icon too because of the architectural dimensions of the building: a façade that shows the street patterns of Transvaal with its diverse population, the lighting of the building that evokes that this place is a real meetingpoint.

There is also a multifunctional banquet room where large and small events can be organized. (Grand)parents with their (grand)children will have a great time on the fun indoor playground and afterwards they can enjoy a good meal prepared on the spot. There is a choice for everybody in “The Kitchens of Transvaal”. Many apprenticeship places will create new opportunities for young people.

MVC Transvaal is a magnet for large groups of people from the neighborhood, from the city, from the region. There is ample parking space for cars (also by the charging stations for electric cars) and bicycles. MVC Transvaal will be a building with a rich content: where you can discover new things again and again. A real meeting point. An icon not only for the Transvaal district but for the whole of The Hague.

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