kinderen voetballend op het schoolplein voor het sterk uitgesproken schoolgebouw van het MFA Noord in Veldhoven dat hier wordt getypeerd door de kleuren blauw groen en geel

central meetingpoint

MFA Noord

Five different users including a primary school and a school for special need children under one roof obtain their added value from an excess of space and facilities that are used jointly.

Photography: Ben Vulkers

Multifunctional accommodation, primary school, special education, BSO and KDO

Gemeente Veldhoven


The building consists of five wings around a town square as a central meeting point. The building therefore has an abstract human form with wings as limbs and head and the village square as a common hart. In the village square is a large staircase that also serves as seating for theater and events for the neighborhood as well as the users. Five different users, including a primary school and a school for special education under one roof get their extra value to an excess of space and facilities that are jointly used.

Use of color

In addition to the outspoken design of the MFA the building has a special colourscheme. This use of color gives the building a clear place in it’s neighborhood. The applied colors in the facade extend into the interior,for example in the windows, floors, (kitchen) cupboards. Through this every user has his own identity. For the visitor it is thus easy to find his way. 

"MFA Noord offers the children and us a spacious and attractive location with all necessary facilities. In addition to our own spaces, we can also make use of the spaces of others, which means there are many opportunities to offer the children a varied and challenging play and learning environment. The building itself is very pleasant, nice temperature, transparent, light, cozy. In the middle of the neighborhood. "
Veronique Lommers, location director OBS Dick Bruna


The building aimed at meeting and participation. The village square in the middle of the building serves as a multifunctional meeting space for everyone. This makes the building an attractive place to be. This increases the participation of residents and the use of the community center.

The hill that connects the auditorium on the first floor of the MFA with the outdoor area can be used as playground, educational place or stand. In this way, the MFA is very approachable and inviting.

Very durable building

Sustainability plays a major role in the design. Its starting point is fresh schools Class A and a very high standard GPR (GPR 9, Epc 0.6). In the materialization of MFA North is explicitly sought the optimum of investment and operating costs, what is reflected in the application of maintenance friendly materials. The material of the building is robust.

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