Nature-inclusive living

Lohmann tower

The design study for the Savornin Lohmann tower is approximately 21,000 m2 and consists of a variety of houses with beautiful terraced balconies.


Schouten Bouw

Den Haag


The tower is located on the site of a former garage at Savornin Lohmannlaan. The location is adjacent to the new redevelopment of a large office building and forms a clear transition from the tall buildings around Savornin Lohmannplein to the lower building blocks located further away.

The plinth of the residential building is formed by a green hill in which the parking is included. Homes in the low-rise section directly on the parking hill have a green garden as an outdoor area. The other houses have a large roof terrace on the roof of the neighbors below. The complex faces the sea and is located exactly on the axis that connects the Nieuw Waldeck and the Rozenbuurt with the Vogelbuurt.

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