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Kindcentrum De Entree

Child-oriented, talent-oriented and future-oriented are the key ideals of the Princess Amalia School. The school provides education that stimulates children to learn in an investigative way. It caters to develop students in areas like technology, sports, drama or cooking. The current building didn’t align to the standards of this educational concept. Because of this, it will be replaced by a new integrated Childcentre; the IKC Overwater. LIAG designed this centre, (located in the Meerzicht district) together with users, advisors, and the local municipality.

Photography: Ben Vulkers

Primary Education, Daycare, Afterschool Care, Meeting-Place for Parents

Municipality Zoetermeer


work in progress

Challenging Learning Environment

The open education concept is reflected in the design of the building. LIAG created spaces for instructional education, creative studios and collaborative spaces. Core to this are the learning studios which each have their own theme. One learning studio combines theater and creative within the Building Studio and Home Corner. Another combines the Media Studio with the Building Corner and Discovery Studio. These workshops have an open connection to the learning plazas. Instruction rooms have been located here and are interconnected to the central area with large glass sliding doors. At the heart of the IKC, a ‘meeting kitchen’ will be situated where parents and children can cook and come together. The playroom, (located on the ground floor) can be converted into a theater with its own grandstand which can also be used as a reading place. The Daycare Center, which is also located centrally, will have its own wing with playroom and its own outdoor space.

Connection to the Outside

IKC Overwater is located as a pavilion in a park between hills and trees. The school and play areas are embedded in a zone between trees and hills. The IKC has two floors with a dark masonry baseboard and a mixed beige / brown first floor. The first floor is smaller than the ground floor, so a roof terrace has been created on the first floor that is connected to the playground in the park with a wide staircase

Gasless and Zero Energy Use

The municipality of Zoetermeer has the ambition to make all buildings that will be realized zero energy use ( ‘Nul op de Meter’ -NoM) and pays great attention to user comfort and sustainability. Various measures will ensure this with of solar panels on the roof, LED lighting, presence detection, a heat pump and HR +++ glass. The final EPC score becomes -0.135 with a GPR score of 8 that will be realized.

The delivery is planned for the autumn of 2020.

interior images: LIAG

Images Exterior and Exterior Spaces: Wissing Spatial Thinkers

SMT Bouw & Vastgoed, Zonneveld ingenieurs

Landscape architect:
Wissing ruimtelijke denkers

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