rendering met spelende kinderen voor het Jiuhua Road Kindergarten in Shanghai China met verspringende ruiten met daarbij rode vlakken

Changeable as a painter's palette

Jiuhua Road Kindergarten

How do you create a creative and dynamic place that best supports children's development? Our solution? An open public space as a center, enclosed by a building. A new kind of kindergarten, where children can easily learn to communicate with other children, the teachers and their environment.

Kindergarten with outdoor playgrounds

Nanqiao New City China

Shanghai China

The central area acts as a town square, connecting the entire building from the ground floor to the playground on the roof. The central part not only functions as the connecting circulation element, but also as an interactive meeting room connected to classrooms at all levels. The other functional spaces are grouped around this center. As a result, the entire plan takes on a form like that of a painter's palette. The surrounding colorful classrooms with all necessary facilities, (such as kitchen, sleeping area and toilets) offer privacy to a smaller group of children of different ages. This results in a sense of security that is necessary for children to explore the entire building.

“The color of the facade represents the characteristics of children, gradually changing, like the colors in a rainbow. The color scheme starts and ends at the main entrance, which is kept white as a recognizable point for visitors. ”

In addition to user-friendliness, the most important aspect of the design was sustainability. The proposed solutions will not only reduce energy and water consumption, but also help increase the well-being of users.

The project is a collaboration between LIAG, Baosha Architects, and DOT Architecten, where LIAG is responsible for the competition and conceptual design phase.

rendering met spelende kinderen voor het Jiuhua Road Kindergarten in Shanghai China met verspringende ramen, expressief exterieur met daarbij vlakken die variëren in kleur

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