drie meisjes zittend op het schoolplein van CSG het Streek in Ede met groene driedemetionale gevel

A school with attention for everyone

CSG Het Streek

CSG Het Streek has received a good and future-proof educational building with a diversity of spaces and places. Children work in a safe, pleasant and well-arranged environment. Practical learning is visible through the transparent practice spaces. Front offices function as a ‘practice’ workplace at a continuous central public space. The auditorium has been created as a village square.

Onderwijsgebouw voor voortgezet onderwijs (IVMBO inclusief MAVO) en praktijkonderwijs

Board of the foundation CSG Het Streek


Het Streek is known as "The school that works" (DSDW). With an educational vision that gives proud VMBO / PRO users their own place in the school and thus their own place in society. The strengths of Het Streek in the form of small-scale and personal attention are combined and expanded in the new school.

Safe home base

Four "schools" have been created, in four wings of the school with a maximum size of 250 students per department. The first year students are taken care of separately, as well as the students for practical education. In addition, there is a separate department for the basic and kaderberoepsgerichte learning pathway and for the ‘mavo’.

Pupils work in a safe home base in classrooms that are located around small-scale learning studios. In this way there is an overview, structure can be applied and the communication lines remain short. The big advantage of one building is that all students can use the practice rooms, the workshops, the theater, the Grand Café and the dance studio.

“It feels like a party and a relief to be able to work here. The transparent and small-scale layout of this building and the student-oriented attitude of our employees give the students a little bit of a home feeling, so that they can get the best out of themselves. ”
Location director Jan Haasjes

Green 'appearance' 

The school is at the end of the axis of the Knowledge Campus. This makes the schoolyard the "end point" of the route and the main entrance is also located here. The cyclists find the parking facility partly under the school on the Zandlaan side and partly in front of the sports accommodation. This creates a schoolyard that is completely free of car and bicycle traffic. The building embraces the square, giving it a natural stay near the sports fields where a ball can be kicked during the break. The school entrance is on the schoolyard. In terms of color and design, Het Streek distinguishes itself strongly from the other buildings along Zandlaan and blends beautifully into the "green" appearance of Zandlaan and the green zone behind it. 

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