rendereing van de grote transparante gevel van het eenheidsbureau politie Haaglanden in Den Haag

In the middle of society

Police Station The Hague

The police unit of The Hague will have a new headquarters in 2023. The location will be within the Binckhorst; a neighborhood that is currently being transformed from an industrial and business park into a residential and working area. The high-profile site is visible from the highway, the station and the center. It is to be a recognizable building that a wide audience can easily identify. The assignment for LIAG was to make the police unit both suitable for the neighborhood and to match the image and identity of the organization. LIAG has submitted a proposal.

Office building, including public area, detention area and parking facilities


The Hague



A powerful gesture

The design for the Police Unity Office has been carefully integrated into the neighborhood, conscious of the history and industrial character of the area. The connection to the neighborhood has been achieved by realizing a careful structure of volumes, by the chosen rhythm of the façade openings and by opting for robust, dependable materials such as concrete. The building has a functional appearance. Accents make the program ‘readable’ from the street, such as in the public and the work area, and in the location of the police vehicles.

This makes the building immediately recognizable as a police station. The open nature shows the tasks that the Police performs. It also signifies that the Police is at the center of society. The new building acts as a three-dimensional business card for the Police headquarters, with each transparent façade showing off the activity within.

The main entrance can be recognized at a glance by its prominent location, namely by the location of the overhang and the vertical height accent.

An inspiring home

In the building, the different function zones and security layers merge smoothly. The "round" behaves as a connecting link between the floors and the various departments. This continuous route stimulates cooperation between employees and increases interaction with the environment and with each other. Additionally, it ensures that the employees of the Hague unit feel comfortable in the head office. A healthy and green working environment contributes to this feeling. The spaces are positioned around an inner garden, on the facade or on the "round". In addition to plenty of daylight, the unit offers users a pleasant view of the garden or city and encourages employees to exercise regularly during the day. Finally, a living room has been created for the police officers. The living room is strategically located for its connection with the "round", the inner garden and the parking garage. This is the place where employees meet informally at the beginning and at the end of the working day. It enhances the sense of togetherness within the police force.

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