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Campus The Hague University Leiden

A plan has been developed in partnership with Leiden University for the new site in the city centre of The Hague at a complex and narrow building site. Three buildings are converted into one building. Two are completely demolished from the original buildings and the historical facade is retained and restored with regard to the third building.

Photography: Ben Aarts, Hannah Anthonysz

University building for education and scientific research with an open learning center, study center and a foyer with auditorium

Universiteit Leiden Vastgoed

Den Haag

The whole of the new building forms one building block and is again built from three parts: one old building with the old facades and floor heights that house the educational rooms and two new sections that house the research and study rooms and offices. The new building is a volume with a contemporary design that is also in harmony with the existing facade to be restored with regard to color and dimensioning and that forms the connection to the contiguous building and historical context.

All three the building parts have been kept separate from each other by using double-height atriums and glass areas in the facade and roof to ensure that the three parts are visible as such. The subdivision is not only present visually but also on a programmed level: educationally, with regard to research and the offices. 

The entrance can be reached through a wide staircase with landing through the front garden with its monumental tree. The existing and historical facade has also been retained here and forms a portico that leads to the 100% transparent entrance facade that lies behind this. The charming foyer is not only the entrance but also a restaurant and gathering place for the lecture rooms and assembly hall.

An intermediate floor is made in the new roof on the old part to ensure that the available height and space is used to best advantage. Much interaction is possible because of the different floor levels and the double-height atriums between the different building parts. It is a light building together with the glass roof areas including on the bottom floors.

An open and freely accessible building It is an additional impetus in ensuring that this neighbourhood is upgraded because of the international character of this institution and because it will be open during the evenings.

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