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Auditorium Prinses Máxima Centrum

The Princess Máxima Center in Utrecht has been ‘crowned’ with an auditorium on the roof. A unique clustering of professional expertise takes place in this pediatric oncology center to be able to offer care and research at the highest level. Active sharing and gathering of knowledge was required to realise this. These elements combine to fulfill the mission of the hospital: to cure every child with cancer.

Photography: Ronald Tilleman

Auditorium with control room, foyer, meeting room and lounge with catering facilities

Prinses Máxima Centrum


The Princess Máxima Center had only just been occupied when LIAG received an interesting follow-up assignment. There was a need for a new facility, that of an auditorium where top researchers can organize scientific meetings and congresses here in the future. It is a place that in addition to the "academy," can offer training for professionals in pediatric oncology.

Crown on the roof

This assignment demonstrates the adaptability and flexibility (or future-proofing) of the pediatric oncology center. The auditorium stands out, and has a unity in appearance despite a diversity of functions. The expansion looks like the (proverbial) crown on the work. While subtle details reveal that a new function has been added to the existing program.

“How do you give the client a good, realistic impression of the design? And what do they think about it? That always remains an exciting moment for the architect. This time we had put on VR glasses for the board members. In the construction site, they walked virtually through the model and were able to fully experience the future auditorium. The design was appreciated. We heard enthusiastic responses one after the other. "
Thomas Bögl (partner architect)

New (usage) options 

Het auditorium is een ware verrijking; door de naadloze aansluiting op het bestaande en door de (multi)functionele indeling. De aanwezigheid van horeca- en vergaderfunctie vergroten de gebruiksmogelijkheden. Het geheel heeft een warme uitstraling. Wanden en vloeren zijn namelijk afgewerkt met het zeer milieuvriendelijke bamboe. Het is bovendien voorzien van de modernste (installatie)technische snufjes.

“It is possible to use the auditorium for every occasion. Do you need one large room for a meeting, or do you prefer to divide the room into several smaller rooms? It is possible. Do you want to play a movie for the young patients in the "cinema"? That can be easily arranged. Or: Do you want to organize a staff party here? No problem, it's all possible. "
Jordy Aarts (architect)

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