"People want to surround themselves with nature"

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Last week, the first "Sustainably Built on Location" event was held at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. The choice of venue aligned perfectly with the theme of the event, focusing on healthy buildings. The founder of the factory prioritized the well-being of the workers, a principle also upheld by LIAG in all their designs. During the event, Thomas Bögl delivered a presentation on how building design can positively influence user behavior and experience.

The key to the perfect match
Creating a sustainable building or a healthy environment isn't necessarily difficult. What is challenging is designing a building where the user's needs are paramount. In other words, creating an environment that positively impacts user behavior and experience. How can we ensure that patients recover more quickly, employees perform better, and students excel? "We are inherently drawn to nature," remarked Thomas.

Throughout the presentation, compelling examples from our own practice were discussed. For instance, the transformation of the former Tapijn barracks into Europe's healthiest education building for Maastricht University. Another noteworthy example is Aurora for Wageningen University & Research, which stands as a highly intuitive university building. Lastly, the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in Utrecht serves as an exemplary healing environment. Thomas' advice is clear: "Integrate natural elements into the built environment, not only through interior design but also by providing views to the outside."

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