Grand opening of Elzenhagen Sports Hall

Friday Nov 17, 2023

In the green residential area of Elzenhagen-Zuid in Amsterdam-Noord stands Elzenhagen Sports Hall, a brand-new sports facility. The building immediately catches the eye, thanks in part to its striking facade. This facade not only pays homage to the city of Amsterdam but also offers insight into its athletic purpose. The facade design draws inspiration from the Amsterdamse School. The design is unique, achieved through the use of various types of brick in a diverse array of colors, shapes, and masonry patterns. The ornate brickwork showcases not only the iconic three X-shaped crosses (the symbol of Amsterdam) but also features depictions of athletes, including a handball player.

Sustainable and home to the largest LED-floor in the Netherlands
Elzenhagen Sports Hall is a sustainable and modern sports facility, evident in its interior. A recycled sports floor, sourced from the Amsterdam Apollohal, gives the building an athletic appearance. This floor adorns the walls, among other areas. However, what truly sets the sports hall apart is the LED lighting embedded in the floor of the main hall. This innovation allows for easy adjustment of the court markings with a simple touch, effortlessly adapting the hall to accommodate various sports.

On Thursday, councilor Sofyan Mbarki (Sports and Recreation) proudly inaugurated this state-of-the-art sports facility and healthy sports environment. Elzenhagen Sports Hall will serve as a central hub for the community and will be heavily utilized. During the day, it will function as a gym location for nearby schools. And afterward? It will transform into a meeting place where athletes of all levels gather to train or compete, including members of handball club VOC (Dutch champions) and indoor football club VNS United. Local residents are also welcome to make use of the available facilities, including the sports bar.

"We believe it's important that all residents of Amsterdam can engage in physical activity with access to high-quality sports facilities. This sports hall, with its impressive floor, is a prime example."
Sofyan Mbarki, City of Amsterdam

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