Symposium LIAG


Thursday 19 September 2019 | ca. 14.00 - 18.00

LIAG celebrates its centenary. We’re proud to have created so many monuments in the past and that we’re still developing today.

For us, a century of designing and advising means a century of creating buildings where people feel at home and that encourage social interaction. Healthy buildings that stimulate people. We are architects of happiness.

Numerous prominent speakers will ensure that the symposium is not only a festive occasion to mark our centenary but also an exciting and thought-provoking programme. Paul Schnabel (sociologist and former director of the Social and Cultural Planning Bureau), Floris Alkemade Alkemade (Chief Government Architect) and Sarah Williams Goldhagen (author of 'Welcome to Your World: Experiencing the Built Environment') are the first speakers.

We will celebrate our centenary at a venue that for us really speaks: the former KLM Head Office in The Hague. An iconic and monumental building by LIAG that has demonstrated its lasting and flexible qualities over the years and is now being prepared for its next phase of life.

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