European Healthcare & Design 2019


With: Thomas Bögl

Tuesday 18 June 2019

The European Healthcare & Design 2019 (EHD 2019) takes place in London on 16-18 June. Thomas Bögl is one of the speakers. EHD 2019 is an important forum for sharing knowledge about the relationship between research, policy and healthcare practice in the field of healthcare and design.

The Princess Máxima Centre for Child Oncology in Utrecht opened its doors a year ago, in May 2018. At 45,000 m2, it is the biggest centre of its kind in Europe and unique in the world. Research, recovery and care come together in one building. Its mission: to cure every child of cancer while preserving the quality of life. What architectural instruments can help achieve these goals and contribute to treatment in life-threatening situations? Thomas will address these questions in his presentation. How did the building take shape in the process? Which built measures have been taken to enable the Princess Máxima Centre to become the best centre for child oncology in the world?

View the whole programme here.

EHD 2019 is organized by Architects for Health and SALUS Global Knowledge Exchange and takes place at the Royal College of Physicians in London on 17-19 June.

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