Community School Congress


With: Erik Schotte

Wednesday 22 May 2019 | 15-05-2019 - 15-05-2019

More and more schools and child centres are switching to new forms of education that focus on personalized learning. If school boards or municipalities want to develop new buildings for this purpose, new design concepts are called for.

That is because a traditionally designed school building is not appropriate for a new vision of education. Personalized learning has spatial consequences, such as the disappearance of traditional classrooms. Children are encouraged to undertake self-study and develop with the help of additional programmes offered in part during school hours and in part outside school hours. The new spatial arrangement of a building will therefore have to provide more space for pupils to develop on their own.

In one session Erik Schotte will discuss his practical experience with the design of child centres in relation to innovative visions of education.

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