100 Places, 1000 Opportunities

Design Contest for students at the TU Delft faculty of Architecture

Friday 01 May 2020

LIAG is organizing a design contest for students at the TU Delft Faculty of Architecture: 100 places, 1000 opportunities

On the occasion of our 100th anniversary in 2019 LIAG launched a catalog with an overview of 100 places in The Hague. It offers the city 1000 opportunities to develop projects. For entrepreneurs, individuals and for the municipality itself. The 100 locations are in all neighborhoods of The Hague: from Loosduinen to Haagse Hout, from Escamp to Scheveningen. The places are empty parking lots, forgotten plots, garage boxes or disused utility locations. Now often unsightly, but with great potential to make The Hague even more attractive.

To follow up this initiative we are going to organize a design contest in collaboration with the study association Stylos. With the competition we want to show that much more is possible in the city and that The Hague can become an even more attractive living, working and living environment. The Hague is a city with a lot of ambition in the field of area development. The CID, the Binckhorst and The Hague South West will be overhauled in the coming years. The design contest however offers opportunities for new innovative and bottom-up ideas and designs.

The 100 places deserve a position that best suits that location. These could be houses, a commercial plinth, or an office with an open co-working and business lounge on the ground floor. Or a new care concept, a new type of living / working or small-scale education. Destinations that enhance the vibrancy of the city with a mix of (stacked) functions.

All TU Delft Architecture students can participate in the competition. Are you interested? Click here for the rules and catalog and submit your proposal before 1st of May via Stylos website.

Members of the jury

  • Floris Alkemade – Rijksbouwmeester (Chief Government Architect)
  • Gertjan Giele – Aanjager woningbouwproductie Gemeente Den Haag (Booster of housing production Municipality of The Hague)
  • Maarten Grasveld – oud-partner en architect LIAG (Former Partner and Architect LIAG)
  • Fransje Sprunken – Founding partner FSD en oud Hoofd Concepting VORM (Founding Partner FSD and former Chief Concepting VORM)

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