LIAG is a full circle architecture firm with our own building services department. And we have a rock-solid vision: architecture must create conditions for the happiness of its users. That is our responsibility to society. That is what we strive for with heart and soul with our 30 employees every day.

Buildings that
make you happy

What makes a building a success? If it blends into its surroundings? If it is completed on time and within budget? If it meets all construction requirements? All this is important. But for LIAG, a building can only be successful if it is a place where people feel at home, if it stimulates interaction. A successful building shows respect for its users and also challenges them to bring out the best in themselves.

LIAG was founded in 1919 by Dirk Roosenburg, a contemporary of such architects as Dudok, Oud and Rietveld. His vision was the very same as that of LIAG today: design buildings that make people happy and add value to society. Many of his buildings are now national heritage sites, among them the former head offices of Philips and KLM, the Light Tower in Eindhoven and Apollo House in Amsterdam.

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We create
happiness together

An architect alone cannot design a building that makes users happy. That requires co-creation. Through workshops, presentations and lectures, LIAG involves users in the design process. And we consult relevant (psychological) research to discover how users experience social safety, material, clarity and other aspects. Our buildings therefore always reflect the needs of users.

A building has to prove itself. The durability of materials and techniques has to prove itself. The functionality and timelessness of the design. LIAG does not aim for the completion date, but the period after that. With an obsessive attention to details, because they determine the quality. And construction is always an integral part of our work. After all, the period in which the building proves itself is the period in which LIAG proves itself.

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Every employee
is vital

Each position and each employee within LIAG is vital. After all, it is only with happy employees that you can make buildings that enhance the happiness of users. We work together to make each project the best building it can be.

Respect for one another has been a core quality of our firm since its foundation. From architect to office manager, from specification writer to environmental psychologist: everybody plays a role. And if we don’t have specific knowledge within our team, we bring in the right expertise. For instance, we worked with a child psychologist on the development of the Princess Máxima Centre. Temporary employees are also genuine LIAG colleagues..

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