Architects of Happiness

How can a building increase the happiness of its users? What value does a building add to society? LIAG asks these questions every single day. After all, total value for society is just as important as total cost of ownership. That’s why we work with our clients to create lasting, liveable and healthy buildings that make people happy. That is architecture of happiness.

I/O-building Faculty of Education

sustainable at all levels

Solar City Nijmegen has been enriched with the addition of a unique and sustainable building. The I/O building, which became the new home of the Faculty of Education of HAN...

Denk niet aan een olifant

Thursday 09 February 2023

Als ik zeg: "Denk niet aan een olifant", dan denk je aan... Juist, aan een olifant. Hier heb je geen invloed op. Of wel? Door naar de volgende vraag: Stel jezelf voor in...

Thursday 19 September 2019

Symposium LIAG


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